Behind The Art - Shepherds:


Most of the pictures in this collection are accompanied by stories. Why stories?

Think of all your experience with family, friends, and acquaintances at home, in work and in play; all the activities, the good times and the hard times of daily life. Imagine this as a long horizontal line – like the field in our picture. Now imagine the healing, redemptive power of God’s love as a constant vertical descending line. Where those two lines intersect – where they form a cross – there is always a story. Theories, philosophical arguments and abstractions can interest us. They often have great value, providing stimulating insights, coherence and a point of reference. But it is the story that moves us. It is the story that we inhabit.

In the beginning of his First Letter, John refers to his relationship with Jesus: “I am writing to you about something I have heard, something I have seen with my own eyes, and touched with my own hands” (I John 1-4). These sound like the words of someone with a story to tell. He goes on to say. “I share this with you, that our joy may be complete.”

So, I read, contemplate, and wonder about scripture: And on those occasions when a scripture’s meaning seems revealed in some parable of daily experience, then to share what I have glimpsed brings – as the apostle says – "joy"

On the “Shepherds” design, it was especially satisfying to add “promise becomes reality.” Combined with the very familiar Christmas reading from the Gospel of Luke, those three words penetrate the familiarity, going directly to the deepest meaning of Luke’s message. The prophecy has been fulfilled. The promise comes true. Our Savior is here.